Inside: How to draw a graduation cap with simple lines.

Hello Artists! The Graduation Cap.

They have been traditional graduation attire for the past several hundred years. Usually, worn with a graduation gown as well.

Today, we are focusing on the cap itself.

The shape itself is emblematic.

How to draw a graduation cap

Supplies for grad cap drawing


  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black marker
  • Colored Pencils/crayons

Artist tip: As with any drawing it’s important to recognize how much space you are working with.

To do this, point to the middle of your paper with your finger or pencil.

This will tell your eyes how much space you have to draw in.

It does not have to be exact!

We will also be using our fingers to measure today. It’s an easy way of measuring!

Supplies for drawing a grad cap

Draw a graduation cap with simple lines

Let’s get started:

1. Draw a dot in the middle (ish) of your paper.

Then 3 finger widths above that dot draw another, AND 3 finger widths below the first dot.

Use 4 fingers to measure and mark, left and right.

Drawing basic lines for a cap

2. Draw lines connecting the outside dots.

This will make a quadrilateral or a funky square shape.

How to draw a quadrilateral

3. Two finger widths in from the left and right angles, draw a curved line down on each side.

4. Next, draw a curved line connecting each dot on the outside. This will look like a large circle.

How to sketch a grad cap

5. Draw curved lines from the last lines, meeting in the middle, beneath the bottom angle of the Graduation Cap.

Drawing a graduation cap for school

How to draw a graduation tassel

6. Back up the FIRST dot, in the middle of the cap.

Circle that, this will be the button in the middle of the cap.

From here, draw a straight line to the middle of the right side.

Basic grad cap drawing

7. Next, draw a curved line down past the bottom of the Graduation Cap, then we’ll add the tassel.

The tassel looks like the end of a little broom, a rounded top with loose strings at the end.

How to draw a graduation tassel

8. Outline with black marker. Erase any extra pencil lines.

How to outline a grad cap

How to color a graduation cap

The Best Part: Color!

Your choice artist… school colors are an obvious choice.

How to color a grad cap

There you have it. A step-by-step process for drawing your own graduation cap!

Let’s see what else we can draw together… next time.

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