Inside: How to draw a dog paw with fur using 3 simple shapes.

Hello Artists! Today, we are drawing a Dog Paw.

Toe beans, cute, furry and sometimes stinky Dog Paws!

These start with simple shapes, then we’ll add texture and blending.

How to draw a dog paw

Supplies you’ll need to gather to draw a dog paw:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colored Pencil
  • Clean Tissue (for blending)

Supplies for drawing a dog paw

Artist tip: As with any drawing it’s important to recognize how much space you are working with.

To do this, point to the middle of your paper with your finger or pencil.

This will tell your eyes how much space you have to draw in. It does not have to be exact! 

How to draw a dog paw with triangles

1. Draw a medium sized triangle with rounded edges, really rounded edges.

Your lines do not have to be straight, isn’t that fun?

No pressure!

Dog pad drawing with triangles

2. Next, add a rectangle shape to the bottom of the triangle shape, again with rounded edges. This is the paw pad.

How to draw a puppy paw

How to draw dog toes

3. Now we are going to draw the toes.

There are 4, start with the middle right and draw a long oval- we will add to it in a little bit.

The toes do not touch the paw pad shape.

How to draw dog toes

4. On the left side, draw another long oval. The same size as the right one.

Sketch a dog paw

5. Next, add a smaller oval to the left of the left oval. 

Dog paw with three toes

6. Do the same on the right side, just a little bit smaller than the rest.

How to draw a flat dog paw

7. Next, flatten the bottom of each oval and make the top slightly pointed.

realistic sketch of a dog paw

How to draw dog fur

8. Add texture by drawing zig zag lines where you want the fur.

Dog’s grow fur around their paws and in between their toe pads. 

How to draw dog fur

9. The Best Part: COLOR!

I used black colored pencil for the paw pads and the outline of the fur

Artists Tip: Use your clean tissue to blend the fur areas. 

How to color a dog paw

There you go! We’ve used some simple shapes like triangles and ovals to draw our dog paw, which could also be a puppy paw when drawn small. 

Let’s see what other animals we can draw together… maybe we could draw a sheep or a bear!?

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