Inside: Simple Tutorial on How to Draw a Rabbit

Hello Artists! Today we are drawing a rabbit.

I say a rabbit, you may say a bunny. It’s up to you. It’s like the whole tomato tomato bit. Hopefully you read the last one the way that it was meant to be otherwise it just looks like a typo. 

Rabbits are so much fun to draw. You can make them as big or as little as you like, and you can choose the color you want them to be as well.

Artistic freedom is the best!

Rabbits are furry and soft. You can get this effect when you add color. Color pencils really come in clutch.

We will start with simple shapes and create the form from there. One step at a time, it will all come together. I promise…

How to Draw A Rabbit

Supplies You’ll Need:

For the coloring portion of this, I highly recommend colored pencils or crayons, you can use markers but they just don’t have the same texture and blending abilities that the other two do. Just something to keep in mind.

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colored pencil or crayons

Artist tip: In order to get a proportionate bunny, you’ll need to have a good understanding of the space that you have to work with.

To do this, draw a little dot in the center of the page and work accordingly.

Supplies for drawing bunnys

Step-by-step instructions

Let’s get started:

1. We will be starting with simple shapes for the structure of the rabbit. These will be erased at the end, please draw lightly. Start with an oval.

Draw a rabbit head

2. Off the end of this oval draw another oval, and overlap them slightly.

Using ovals to draw bunny

3. Draw a large oval, just touching the bottom of the 2nd oval.

How to draw an animal body

4. Add a small oval at the end of this oval, this will be the tail.

Rabbit tail sketch

5. On top of the second oval we drew, add 2 long ovals, with a point at the end. These will be the ears.

How to outline a bunny face

step by step rabbit

6. Next draw space for the eye, inside the second circle we drew.

Draw bunny eyes

7. In that smaller oval, add nose and mouth lines.

8. Erase the lines between the 2 ovals. As you look at it you might want to move that face line up, I did.

How to outline a rabbit face

How to draw a rabbit foot & body

9. Draw lines from the head oval to the large oval (body). From the front of the body, trace over the oval down making the front leg, adding an oval to the bottom.

Also, add another foot to the front, this will be 2 straight lines and another oval. 

Tracing a rabbit feet

10. Trace over the back, at this point I moved the tail down and made it a little larger. That is up to your artistic eye!

Rabbit outline sketch

11. The best part: Color!

How to color a rabbit

Artist tip: trace over the outer lines, with zig-zag lines to make the rabbit look fuzzy.

Add darker areas for shadows to make it look more realistic.

How to color a rabbit

And there you have it, you’ve drawn a bunny rabbit! That’s right, we found a happy medium for the whole bunny/rabbit fiasco.

Take a look at your drawing and think of anything you’d like to change or fix, then try again.

This is how you grow as an artist.

Want to learn how to draw other animals? How about we draw a flamingo or maybe a frog?

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