A spoon. Pshht. Easy. 

Wait, did I say easy?

Not easy, a lot trickier than you might think.

It’s all about light and shade. Together, I think we can do it.

How to draw a spoon step by step


  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser

spoon drawing step 1

Let’s get started:

First, let’s make sure our paper is landscape, that means sideways like a train. 

Artist tip: point to the middle of your paper with your finger. This will tell your eyes how much space you have to draw in.

It does not have to be exact! 

1. First, towards the left side of your paper draw an oval. Remember to draw light, we will be adjusting lines as we go.

Drawing a spoon outline options

2. Second, we are drawing a line off the oval. Start from the middle, give it a slight wave or bump, then finish with a straight line.

How to draw the outline of a spoon

How to add dimension to a spoon drawing

3. Next, add thickness to the wavy line by drawing a line beneath it. Where the lines connect to the oval, have them curve outward on each side.

3D spoon sketch 

4. Now for details, since a spoon is pretty simple we are going to add a long triangle shape to the spoon where the light will be reflected. Add another line slightly above the bottom spoon line.

5. We are using our pencil to color, since the graphite color is very close to silver. 

How to shade in a spoon

Artist tip: Pay attention to where the light will shine: inside the spoon and shadows will be under the handle and at the beginning of the handle.

6. To really step this up, add shadows under the places where the spoon would touch the table. Blend them a bit.

Shadow Sketch a spoon

I wonder if you could add a fork and knife?!

There you go! You’ve done it! A Spoon!

Let’s see what else we can draw together next time with these shading techniques:

Perhaps a black and white easy to draw camera.

Or we could learn how to draw a feather with color shading.

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