Inside: Draw Eyelashes in 4 Easy Steps.

Hello Artists! Today we are drawing eyelashes.

Though they may seem small, eyelashes are a detail that can really make a difference in your drawings. It’s the little details that make up the whole of an art piece, so it’s important to spend time on the small things!

Eyelashes are one of the prettiest parts of the eye.

They help to frame the iris and pupil and add dimension.

They are a wispy and delicate thing to draw, so it could take some practice.

They are one of the most important parts of creating a realistic eye. But not to worry, eyelashes are simple once you get the hang of them.

Below I’ve walked you through the easiest way to achieve awesome eyelashes, so you totally got this!

How to draw eyelashes

Supplies You’ll Need:

When it comes to supplies, it doesn’t really matter the kind of quality they are. Especially when you are just starting out on your artist journey.

So if you only have colored pencils from the dollar tree, worry not! It’s about what you do with them, not how much you spend on them.

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black Colored pencil

Artist tip: When drawing, knowing how much space you have to work with is very important.

Otherwise, you could end up with not enough space to do the drawing or a very disproportionate subject.

To avoid this, try putting a dot in the center of your page.

Best sketching supplies

Let’s get started:

How To Draw An Eyelash Curve

1. First, draw a long curved line. This will be the top of the eye.

Draw an eyelash curve

2. Add a scalloped line across the bottom of the curved line. This looks like small half-circles attached to the line.

I have labeled the inside part of the eye for the next step.

How to draw eye hair follicles

3. Now for the fun part, the backward J. Every scallop will become a backward J.

Start at the lower end and loosen your grip as you go up.

It will feel like your drawing a checkmark.

How to draw eyelash hair with a J

4. Continue to fill in the lash line, with longer lashes more towards the outside of the line, and shorter on the inside.

Eyelashes, as with anything, get better when you practice them.

Have fun, it can be relaxing to practice.

Sketching eyelashes

Simple enough right?

drawing long full eyelashes for a face

There you have it! You’ve drawn your very own eyelashes. I hope you had a blast learning how.

Remember to keep practicing. Each time you do, you’ll get better and better and you learn what works and what doesn’t.

Art is about the artist, so as long as you’re happy with your finished result, nothing else matters!

How about you learn to draw some tears to go along with those lashes? They are another great detail to have under your belt.

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