Inside: How to Draw a Chandelier with candles in 10 Easy Steps.

Artists, today we are drawing a chandelier.

This intricate decoration is the perfect subject for art. It’s both fun to draw and beautiful on the eyes.

How to draw a chandelier

Chandeliers are decorative light elements that are used in fancy dining halls or homes. They can hold candles or lightbulbs and are VERY heavy when you try to lift them.

Still, they are so pleasing to the eyes that they make for the perfect art subject!

There are many things to consider when drawing your chandelier, such as how big you want it, and what kind of decoration you want to add.

The main thing to remember about a chandelier is symmetry, both sides should be equal. Chandeliers can be as extravagant or as simple as you decide.

We’ll start with simple shapes. You can always continue on or draw an even more intricate one, challenge yourself with this one.

Supplies You’ll Need:

When it comes to supplies you’ll need for drawing a chandelier, you’ll most likely have all of these around your house waiting for you! The most important tool here is the ruler. If you do not have a ruler, don’t panic.

You can use anything with a straight edge to help you keep things symmetrical.

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colored pencils or crayons, markers
  • Black marker for outlines
  • A ruler (key in keeping things symmetrical)

supplies for drawing lights

How to Draw a Chandelier:

Let’s get started.

  First, let’s make sure our paper is in the landscape position, which means long like a train. 

Artist tip: It’s important to know how much space you have to work with. To help you see this, make a small dot in the center of your page with your pencil.

1. Draw a line in the middle of your paper. I used the dot I drew and aligned it with the top of the paper with my ruler.

Remember to draw our guidelines lightly.

Draw the basics of a light fixture

2. Start with a series of circles on the centerline, these will be the main part of the chandelier. 

Draw Chandelier arms

3. Use your ruler and draw straight guidelines from the big circles that the arms will connect onto. This line will ensure that they are even.

We will erase them in the end.

draw candle holders for lighting

How to draw hanging candle holders

4. Next, use the width of the ruler itself as a spacer for where the candles/lights will be.

Draw small half-circles for candle holders, remember to do it on each side of the chandelier.

How to sketch a chandelier

5. Now connect the half circles to the main circles with curved lines. Repeat for as many arms as you want. I did 3 on each side.

Create a light fixture with curved lines

Creating Decoration for a Chandelier

How to draw a chandelier with fancy details

6. To add a little extra decoration to the chandelier, for the middle arm I used an “S” shaped line for the arm.

How to outline the Chandelier

7. Next start connecting all of our pieces. Draw long ovals on the centerline.

Black and white lighting drawing

8. Outline your chandelier with the black marker. Remember to only trace over the lines you want to keep for your final art and erase all guidelines.

Hanging Light Outline

9. Add decoration as you go.

You can use dotted lines, a small chain of circles, or maybe a few diamond-shaped prisms hanging down from the candle/light area.

How to draw a fancy hanging Chandelier

10. Add candles over the half circles, these will be tall thin rectangles with a teardrop shape on top.

Remember you can go as simple or as fancy as you chose! It’s up to you, Artist!

How to draw a chandelier step by step instructions

And there you have it, you have completed your first ever Chandelier drawing! You can draw this over and over again if you like, each time you’ll find it gets a little easier and your quality will get even better!

Practicing is what art is all about baby! 

If you want to keep this art train rolling, how about you try your hand at drawing a crown to go with your fancy chandelier?

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