Inside: How to draw vines hanging pretty the easy way in just 4 steps.

Hey there Artists! Today we are drawing Vines.

Creeping, crawling vines, or sweeping, hanging vines.

There are surprisingly quite a few to choose from. I find that drawing just a few is never enough, so if I were including this in a drawing I would add several more vines in the area.

This is an example of the vines there are.

How to draw vines

Supplies needed

Supplies you’ll need to draw and color the vines:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colored Pencils, crayons

Supplies for drawing hanging vines

This is a drawing exercise, so no need to worry about being in the middle of the paper.

However, try to use as much of the paper for practice as possible. We will do 3 different kinds of vines.

3 Types of Sketched Vines

Let’s get started:

1. Starting on one side at the top, draw 2 wavy lines, have them cross each other at some point.

Vines like to tangle, so be sure these intertwine.

How to outline a vine hanging

2. Next in the middle draw a line that kind of looks like a reverse Z and loops at the corners. Don’t you love how nature has these pretty shapes everywhere?

Criss cross lines

How to draw stems on a vine

3. On this middle vine add small curly lines in a few places and leaves that have 3 pointed oval shapes coming from it.

There may be a small stem attaching them.

Draw stems onto vines

4. For the last vine, add the wavy crossed lines again coming from the top of the page.

Heart shaped leaves

5. Next, add long pointed leaves with a middle line attaching it to the vine.

Be generous with these leaves, leaves everywhere!

Leaves for the first vine are heart shapes, with stems coming from the middle to attach it to the vine. These are my favorite kinds of vine leaves to draw.

How to draw vines with color

Finally, add Color! Add a few shades of green to make it look more interesting.

If you are using vines in a drawing, draw more than 2 main vines. Vines grow ALL OVER the place!

How to draw vines with color

You’ve done it and drawn vines. Vines everywhere! You could easily fill an entire paper with these beauties.

Remember this is practice, so keep going and add more.

Let’s see what else we can draw together maybe we could learn to draw a shamrock or a tulip next time to go with our vines.

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