Inside: Step by step instructions for how to draw a tent with simple shapes, perfect for summer camping expeditions. 

Today we are drawing a tent.

Tents can be very incredibly complex, but we’re going to keep it simple today.

This tent will be made of simple triangle shapes and really comes together when we add color.

Tent Drawing

Supplies you’ll need to draw & color your tent:

coloring supplies

Let’s get started:

First, let’s make sure our paper is landscape, that means sideways like a train.

Artist tip: point to the middle of your paper with your finger.

This will tell your eyes how much space you have to draw in.

It does not have to be exact!

Step 1. Let’s slide the pencil over to the left, this will be the top point of our tent.

Draw a triangle

How to draw a tent with simple triangle shapes

Step 2. From this point make the top of a triangle, it does not have to be super straight.

Tent fabric sags slightly.

step by step draw a tent

Step 3. From the top of the triangle draw a line, angled up slightly. Then draw a diagonal line down from there.

This line will look like the front line of the tent.

adding lines to camping tent

Step 4. Find the middle area of the tent, draw a short diagonal line, this will mark the window area.

Draw another line straight down from the first triangle shape we drew. This will be the door.

Sketch of pull back camping curtains

Step 5. The other side of the door will be open. To show this, draw a curved line to the middle of the door area and then have the line come out towards the middle, slightly.

This will look like a triangle or like the door is tied open.

I drew a little detail for the tied area.

adding details to tent drawing

Step 6. Next, draw a line from the front of the tent to that back line. This will be slightly diagonal.

Easy summer camping drawing idea

How to draw details on your tent

Step 7. Now for some details, draw a rectangle under the short middle line. This will be a window.

Added details:

  • A cylinder shape above the window to look as if the window flap is rolled up and tied in the middle.
  • A line from the middle down to the bottom.
  • Small dark lines off the bottom of the tent, to look like the stakes that hold the tent down.
  • A horizon line, behind the tent to each side of the paper.

How to draw a tent

How to color a tent

Step 8. Finally, COLOR!

A few tips for adding color to your tent. Making the front a bit darker from the back will help with the depth of field (like we talked about with this flower drawing as well). This helps spatially with fixing the tent onto the landscape you are placing it on.

Use any colors that you’d like for the tent.

A grey or black will show the shadowed areas of your tent. I also mixed in brown with this as it got closer to the grass line to blend in with the ground.

how to color a tent

There you go! You’ve done it and drawn a tent.

Let’s see what else we can draw together…next time perhaps a collection of leaves for fall camping trips?

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