Inside: 5 Simple Steps to Draw A Cloud.

Hello Artists! Today we are drawing clouds.

There are few things in life as awesome as clouds. They are beautiful, ever-changing, and the subject to many people’s imaginations.

I have spent hours laying in the grass, looking up at them as they pass me by, making out what shape they remind me of.

Is that a butterfly? A Tree? A Face? So many options.

Clouds are one of my favorite things to draw because of the freedom that comes with them.

No 2 clouds are shaped the same, they’re unique, similar to snowflakes.

So there is no wrong way to draw one!

They can be very simple repeating shapes, but with a little finesse, you can make them look more realistic. 

How to draw Clouds

Supplies You’ll Need:

Keep in mind that these supplies can be any brand you have on hand. That’s the beauty of art: It’s for everyone. So gather up the supplies below to get started.

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colored pencil or crayons (watercolor)
  • Clean tissue

Artist tip: It’s important to get a good feel for the space you have to work with.

As an artist, the simplest way to achieve this is to locate the center of your paper and lightly put a dot.

Supplies needed to draw a cloud

I will show you in regular pencil first, so we can get the shape.

 Let’s get started:

How to Draw Clouds

1. A cloud line is a curved line that repeats until you get the shape you like.

These can be as large as you like or more linear depending on what look you want.

Practice it in regular pencil until you get what shape you like.

Cloud shape sketch

How to color & shade a cloudy sky

2. After you feel comfortable with this, repeat the shape with a colored pencil.

I used a light blue, the same as the background sky color.

Cloud shading

3. Start to fill in the little “V” shapes where the curved lines connect. Use only horizontal lines, to keep the shape of the cloud.

How to draw sky behind a cloud

4. Finally, blend the color with the tissue.

How to blend color

How to draw wispy clouds

5. To make wispy-looking clouds, draw lightly with the colored pencil.

Do the same fill-in technique around the cloud. Then blend your colors, even within the cloud.

How to draw wispy looking clouds

And there you have it. Take a step back and look at the work you’ve done, it’s a cloud!

Keep on practicing and I’m sure that you’ll find that your clouds just keep improving with each new drawing.

After all, being an artist is all about practice!

 Want to work on your drawing muscles some more? How about we draw a rainbow to add to these clouds?

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