Inside: Step by Step Tutorial on How to Draw Mickey Mouse

Hello Artists! Today we are drawing M-I-C-K-E-Y MOUSE!

I love that guy. Mickey is an iconic character, he’s a household name. In fact, he has been a staple for many children growing up.

Looking back on your childhood, I bet there is a Disney movie or 2(or 20) that had an impact on you. That is the magic of this mouse! He is the symbol of the most iconic entertainment studio in the world.

Chances are you’ve seen him in his own movies, tv shows, or shorts, he’s everywhere!

Because of his large role in children’s movies and shows, he’s become a symbol of childlike wonder.

We all know what he looks like, or do we? Mickey has changed many times since he first became so famous.

There are little changes happening all the time, but his overall look is very recognizable. 

How to Draw Mickey

We will take our time today, and remember to draw lightly.

Drawing a well-known character is tricky because we know exactly what he looks like.

Draw lightly so it’s easy to erase and adjust as we go. Ready?!

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black Colored pencil/crayon
  • Red-colored pencil/crayon

Supplies for drawing Mickey

Artist tip: As an artist, one of the most important parts of starting a drawing is to know how much space you have to work with.

To do this, find the center of your page and put a little mark. That’s it! 

How to Draw a Mickey Mouse face

Let’s get started:

1. First, draw a large circle, make sure that you still have space on top for the ears.

2. Draw middle guidelines from the top to the bottom and side to side. Make sure they are centered.

Circle shape for face spacing

3. In the top left of the circle, draw a curved line, like a “C” shape.

Starting from the middle line, curve it up, but not touching the top of the circle, bringing the line down to meet the guideline.

Drawing character faces

4. From that line, in the lower left of the circle draw another curved line, like a long “C” shape.

This line will start where that first line ended, curving up touching the guideline, and going down along the circle ending towards the middle.

Curved face drawings

5. Do steps 3 and 4 on the other side of the circle.

Inside outline

6. Now, for the nose. Draw an oval under where the 2 guidelines meet in the middle. Add a curved line above the oval, it should repeat the same curve as the oval.

Mickey mouse nose sketch

How to draw exaggerated Disney eyes

7. From that curved line, we will draw the eyes.

The eyes are large rainbow shapes that are a little wider at the top than the bottom. One on each side of the middle line.

Mickey outline

drawing exaggerated eyes

8. Next, add the inside of the eyes, this will be the same rainbow shape, just smaller. 

Rainbow shaped eyes

9. Add little eyebrows above each eye, more towards the top. This will accentuate the smile.

Mickey surprised eyebrows

10. Now, for the smile. On each side just below the point where our C shapes meet, draw a small slightly curved line. 

How to draw disney mouse smile

How to draw Mickey’s mouth

11. Next draw a curved line from each of those little sidelines, for the top of the mouth.

Disneyland drawing ideas

12. For the bottom of the mouth, draw another smile line starting *about* a finger width from the top smile line going down but not touching the bottom of the circle.

13. Add a tongue, drawing 2 curved lines overlapping at the middle line.

How to draw a character mouth with tongue

14. Adjust the chin area, make it a little more pointed, smoothing the cheek line so they are less rounded.

Mickey Chin

15. Now for the ears, draw a circle shape on the left and right top of the circle.

They will overlap or look like they do.

These might take some adjusting, drawing lightly circles are tricky.

How to draw Mickey ears

How to color a Mickey face

16. Final step: COLOR!

Black for the ears and outer head area. I’ve added red for the tongue. Outline the pencil lines you want to keep and erase the guidelines.

How to color a mickey mouse picture

There you go, you gone and drawn yourself Mickey Mouse! 

Cartoons can be so satisfying because once you get the hang of it, the end result will look basically identical to the original. The more you practice the more spot-on it will be. So keep going!

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