Inside: How to draw feet using simple circles from both the bottom view and the side.

Hey Artists! Today we are learning to draw Feet. This will be an exercise, practice because feet can be tricky.

Just like with hands and smiles there is so much movement in the feet, it can be hard to get the proportions right. 

As with anything we can draw, feet start with simple shapes and build from there.

Using shapes to learn how to draw feet


Supplies you’ll need to learn to draw feet

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser

Supplies for drawing feet

This is a drawing exercise, so no need to worry about being in the middle of the paper.

However, try to use as much of the paper for practice as possible. We will do 2 views, from the bottom and from the side. Practice makes progress!

Let’s get started:

How to draw a bottom view of feet

1. To draw a bottom view you’l start with a circle. Remember circles can be tricky, draw a few lines *lightly* and pick your favorite. 

How to draw a circle

2. Now, draw a slightly diagonal line from each side of the circle outward.  

Foot shape sketch

3. Next, sketch an area for the toes.

This will be a rectangle-ish shape, with one side higher than the other for the big toe. 

how to draw toe pad

4. Ok, now for shaping. Coming from the bottom line of the rectangle, which is the ball of the foot; draw a wave line down to the bottom of the circle.

Down, inwards and out to include the circle.

Shaping a foot with pencil

5. Next, we are going to draw the bulbs of the toes, circles where the toes will be, completely adjustable as we go- thanks to our trusty eraser!

How to draw toe bulbs

6. Now to draw the lines between the toe area and the outside of the foot. This line will come from the toes and angle out to the outside of the foot, down to the circle.

Diagonal outward slightly in just a bit, then out to include the circle or heel area. 

bottom of foot sketch

7. Erase the bottom of the circle lines on the toes, erase any guidelines that are left over and add some shading to the ball of the foot, arch area and heel.

How to draw and shade the bottom of a foot

How to draw feet from a side view

1. To draw the side view start with a circle, for the heel. Make sure you have room out to the side, for the rest of the foot.

Sketch a circle

2. About two finger widths over, draw a smaller circle, this will be the ball of the foot.

Then about a pencil width over from this new circle draw another smaller circle. This will be the big toe.

Circles to create a feet shape

3. Alright! Let’s connect these circles. Draw a line from above the biggest (heel) circle, down around the heel and up gently to the second (ball) circle.

Connecting the joints in feet sketch

4. Now, for the top of the foot. Draw a line down, this is the front of the leg.

About a finger width from the heel circle, start to angle the line down to the top of the ball circle. 

How to draw an ankle

How to draw toes

5. Next up, toes. From the ball circle, on top draw a line angles to the toe circle.

There, that’s the base of the drawing.

How to draw toe base lines

6. Now for details, a long hook shape, starting above the heel circle and ending in the middle of it, for the ankle bone.

A short angled line up just past the toe circle.

7. Erase the middle lines of all the circles, and the top of the heel circle.

create lines in feet

8. Add some shading above the ankle bone, the arch of the foot and the bottom of the toe. Also, add a flat area for the nail on the big toe.

How to shade in a foot

How to draw feet

There you go… You’ve done it and drawn your own feet!

Remember this is practice, so keep going draw the other foot. 

Let’s see what else we can draw together, maybe an ear?

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