Inside: How to draw a broom in 5 Simple Steps.

Hello Artists! Today we will be learning to draw 2 things… Brooms!

I know, I know. Drawing a broom may seem like a funny thing to do, but it can be really helpful. Brooms make wonderful additions to full drawings, so it’s good to learn how to draw them.

Plus I find that is it always nice to spend a little extra time focussing on the things that are pretty much ignored. Brooms are in basically every household and we don’t pay them any mind, except when they are needed. Art is about taking the mundane and giving it the appreciation it deserves!

So drawing something as simple as a broom can give you better awareness of the life that is around you. Crazy right?

Let’s dive into this.

Everyday brooms have a very basic shape. We don’t think about them too much. Witch brooms on the other hand are a little more exciting, so I thought that would be fun to add in!

How to draw brooms straight and twisted

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colored pencils or crayons, markers
  • Ruler (optional or any straight edge)

Artist tip: In order to get a good awareness of the space you have to work within, you need to find the center of your page.

Put a tiny dot when you find it. It’s a handier step than you may realize!

Supplies for drawing a broom

Let’s get started.

How To Draw A Broom With A Straight Handles

1. First, the regular broom. Start with a half oval, upside-down U shape, towards the bottom of the page.

Draw an arch for the bottom

2. Across the bottom of that shape draw a jagged line, for bristles.

How to draw bristles

3. Next draw 2 lines across the bristle area, a little higher than halfway.

Add a rectangle on top of the shape.

This will be where the handle attaches.

How to draw handles for a broom

4. Now for the handle: draw 2 long straight lines with a curved line to attach them. Use a ruler if you’d like.

Drawing a straight broom handle

How To Draw A Witches Broom

Now that we have the basic design of a broom done, we will be transforming this into learning how to draw a broom witches style! This is very fun for Halloween or anytime you are trying to draw a great villain in a story.

1. Start with a pointed oval, towards the bottom of the page.

Brooms 2 different drawings 

2. Draw a long zig-zag line for the handle and add extra points to the bristle area.

How to draw a twisted broom handle

3. Add lines for the area that attached the bristles and 2 lines across the bristle area, a little higher than halfway. 

4. For details: add lines in the bristle area.

Witches broom drawing 

5. The best part, COLOR! This part is completely up to you, the artist. So have at it, and add whatever colors you desire.

How to color a broom 

There you have it, you’ve drawn brooms! Now you can incorporate this skill into your other drawings, perhaps ones set in a kitchen, or with a witch. The possibilities are endless! 

There are so many other awesome things you can learn to draw to help add to overall drawings, like eyebrows or a spoon.

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