Today, we are learning how to draw an umbrella. An Umbrella is a strong image, meaning when you see one it usually brings a memory to your mind.

This memory doesn’t even have to be yours, it can be from a movie, poster or photograph. Isn’t that interesting?

It can make a colorful and bold statement in any scene you might be creating.

How to draw an umbrella with red shading

Another thing, Umbrellas don’t only have to be used for rainy days, they can be used on sunny days for shade. Beach Umbrellas!

To create this look for the beach, I might decide to shade each umbrella section a different fun color.

Supplies to draw and color an umbrella

Supplies: Here are some helpful supplies to use, whether you are creating this umbrella for rain or sun!

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black marker
  • Crayons or colored pencils (or markers, watercolors, anything you have really!)

To get started:

Let’s make sure our paper is landscape, that means long like a train.

How to find the center of your paper for drawing

Artist tip: This is the first step every time; point to the middle of your paper with your finger. This will tell your eyes how much space you have to draw in. It does not have to be exact!

1. Let’s draw…well, let’s think first. Which way is our umbrella facing? Mine is resting on the ground, open. In this position it could also rest on someones’ shoulder.

easy drawing of an umbrella step 1

A simple umbrella outline made easy

2. Make a tilted oval shape, towards the middle of your paper. Draw light until you get it right!

3. Off of that shape, draw slightly curved lines up that meet each other, like a triangle.

How to draw 8 section umbrella

4. An umbrella has 8 total triangle sections, drawing 2 curved lines from the top of the triangle to the top of the oval. Try to make it so the 3 sections you see are equal.

5. Next, let’s draw 4 lines from the inside of the oval. These should also be equally spaced, and curved slightly. It’s almost an umbrella.

Simple umbrella outline

Learning how to draw umbrella details

Now, for some details:

    1. A little straight line on top of the umbrella.
    2. A long J from the middle of the oval, this is the handle.
    3. Make the handle part thicker.
    4. Make the bottom of the umbrella triangles rounded, going over each section individually.

How to draw details for an umbrella handle

7. Ok!  Trace over all the pencil lines with the black marker.

How to draw an umbrella easy step-by-step instructions

Color! This drawing really takes shape when we add color. As the artist, you can choose any color you like, add patterns! Add shadows! It’s your choice!

There you go… You’ve done it! An umbrella for the next rainy scene you might be drawing.

Here are a couple other drawings you might want to add to your scene:

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